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Unleash the power of your M365 Scooter !


The only missing feature of your Xiaomi M365.

Be visible, be safe.
The all-in-one blinkers solution. No welds. No part modification.

Contents of the kit:
Everything you need to install the blinkers on your scooter is included, including front and rear headlights, control unit (to control from the handlebar), electronics, sheaths and connection cables...

add_shopping_cart 49,99$ (black version) (other colours on demand, add 10$), Worldwide delivery, please contact us for an estimation. Paypal payment.


No welds - Plug and play

The kit has been designed to be installed without welding. Just follow the instructions guide, the installation is really easy and quick.

No battery needed

The LED strips connect to the Xiaomi's battery, without damaging any components. No batteries to charge (consumes less than 3% of the internal battery per day)

Handlebar controls

Blinkers are controlled via a remote located on the handlebar. You have the right/left turn signal, and a alert mode which make the 4 LED strips blinking. This allows you to be seen at anytime, day and night, and make you drive safer.


LED strips have been reiforced with a silicone join, making them splash resistant. Please do not use your scooter in extrem conditions !

Day/Night visibility

With a high luminous power, the 66 LEDs are visible day and night.

Made in France

Original idea, designed, printed and assembled in France by two collaborators. Ready to install kits.